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We are a "virtual" and real estate company. Salient Properties owns and manages a number of real properties and over 500 Internet domain names. Our primary focus is the development of web properties under the program. To this end, We leverage our real property for the purpose of growing a virtual presence. We are actively buying, selling, and developing Internet domain names. If you are interested in selling a domain name to- or acquiring from- us; Please contact us once. We also specialize in helping our clients cultivate their own domains into active, money-producing sites. We pride ourselves on being working partners with our clients. In addition, we have developed a proprietary domain name appraisal system based upon our knowledge and experience in the domain industry. Our web development team has participated in the building of the following web properties:,,,,,,, and many more. So, you may ask...

How Do I Develop My Domain Names?
Have a Plan. Have Passion. Have Patience. We strongly encourage you to have a steady interest and good knowledge of the subject matter surrounding the domain name you wish to develop. If you are not prepared to put time and energy into your investment, we recommend parking your domain names with a reputable firm. For our part, we are experienced in search engine optimization, search engine marketing, content and keyword building, research, web design, programming, and usability. If you are interested in partnering with us, we will give you an honest assessment of what it will require to take your domains to the next level. Free.

If you are interested in building out your domain names with fresh unique content, custom designs, which are search-engine ready then we strongly recommend checking out:

At bulk rates are offered for web design, content building, search engine optimization, and other related web development skills. Pound for pound we believe Buildsout is the best web development company available to help you create your web presence.

How Much Is My Domain Name Worth?
We have created a proprietary domain name appraisal system. To give you a taste of our system: Salient Properties uses a standard nine-point rating scale for each of the evaluated attributes. The scale is anchored for level of appropriateness related to the specific attribute, which is being rated. For instance, if "brandability" is rated the name could be; not very brandable or extremely brandable. This is called an intensity scale. The lower end of the scale is rated at one (1) while the higher is rated at nine (9). The sum of all rated attributes is then divided by total number of attributes and given an index (sum divided by number of attributes = index). The index is then matched to a Scale of Worth, which is based upon what Salient Properties feels the name is worth to an end user.

Our domain name appraisals should be used as a guide, not as factual representation of what you should expect if selling the domain to an end user. Our appraisals are subjective, but a relatively accurate estimate of what you may expect to earn if selling the domain name. All domain appraisals are $12 and require a minimum of (5) days to complete. All payments via PayPal. Please email us to request a domain name appraisal. Blog

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